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Why You Should Join Me

The mission of the Dream Catcher chapters is to provide local support that assists to motivate, educate and inspire chapter members to work toward Financial Wholeness. 

Financial Wholeness is when each component of your finances is working together to help you achieve your goals.

It’s a plan for every area of your financial life: Your income, budget, savings, debt, credit, investments, retirement, insurance, net worth, and estate plan.

It also means finding financial experts you can rely on for advice so you can avoid making poor financial choices. Developed by The Budgetnista, here are the 10 Steps to Financial Wholeness:

STEP 1: Make Your Money List (a budget)

STEP 2: Invest on Autopilot (auto-investing)

STEP 3: Dig Out of Debt (debt pay-down plan)

STEP 4: Noodle Savings (emergency savings)

STEP 5: Score High (credit score: 750+)

STEP 6: Boss Up (multi. streams of income)

STEP 7: Team Up (advice & support)

STEP 8: Protect Yourself (insurance)

STEP 9: Rich-ish (a positive net worth)

STEP 10: Leave a Legacy (an estate plan)

About Tiffany "The Budgetnista"

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche, is an award-winning teacher of financial education, America’s favorite, personal financial educator, and author of the New York Times Bestselling book, Get Good with Money. The Budgetnista is also an Amazon #1 bestselling author of The One Week Budget and the Live Richer Challenge series and most recently, a children's book, Happy Birthday Mali More.

Through her company, The Budgetnista, Tiffany has created a financial movement that has helped over two million women worldwide collectively save more than $350 million, pay off over $200 million in debt, purchase homes and transform the way they think about their finances. These women that participate in this global (Live Richer) movement call themselves, Dream Catchers.

Tiffany credits her experience as a preschool teacher for 10 years in Newark, NJ for defining her purpose behind The Budgetnista…education. 

In 2019, Tiffany transformed her commitment into legislation when she partnered with Assemblywoman Angela V. McKnight to write a bill that was later signed into Law A1414 (The Budgetnista Law). This law made it mandatory for financial education to be integrated into all middle schools in New Jersey.

To further her mission, Tiffany created and teaches numerous financial classes both online and in person. The Live Richer Academy is her signature platform with tens of thousands of students learning how to maximize their money and upgrade their life.

She also blogs about personal finance for The Budgetnista Blog and co-hosts a Webby Award-winning podcast, Brown Ambition.

The Budgetnista and her financial advice have been featured on Good Morning America, the TODAY show, PBS, TIME, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, ESSENCE Magazine, FORBES, Fox Business, MSNBC, CNN/HLN. 

 Today, Tiffany continues to break down barriers. She was the first (solo) Black woman to grace the cover of Money Magazine (Feb. 2021).